The Retail Trade Association of Kenya (RETRAK) is the voice of the retail industry with the main objective being to provide retailers with a central representative body to put across their agenda and retail trade concerns to government agencies, parliament and other bodies for their benefit.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Influence: RETRAK is a powerful, unified retail voice. We aim to drive and shape the retail agenda whilst making sure one’s own business priorities are represented. All retail members are invited to input into the RETRAK’s Policy Action Groups.
  • Advocacy on behalf of the Retail Industry
  • Research and Policy making
  • Lobbying & Presentation: RETRAK campaigns and lobbies for the retail sector ensuring that the industry’s voice is heard at the relevant platforms. This is further enhanced by the fact that RETRAK is a an active member of KEPSA which allows us direct association with the government and allows us to participate in the process of law making.
  • Business Information: RETRAK holds networking events. These events are an ideal forum for our members to meet up and discuss the latest industry issues.
  • Source of industry information
  • Training

This and more action policies are in the plan for the benefit of retailers. For more information, please contact